Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a boat?

A deposit of $1,000 (per boat) is due to reserve your houseboat. All deposits are non-refundable unless we are able to rebook the houseboat for the cancelled dates

What do I pay upon arrival?

On arrival the full rental rate is due, NOT the balance of the rental rate minus deposit. The deposit is held through the rental as collateral. Upon checkout, the deposit will be returned.

Do you allow pets on the your houseboats?

Sorry, we typically do not. Under some circumstances we may make an exception. Please call for more information.

Can we run a tab against our deposit for gas, ice, etc. ?

Our home port, Shanghai Resort Marina, will allow you to run a tab with a credit card on file.

Do life jackets come with the houseboats?

Yes, all houseboats are equipped with safety life jackets. These are not for casual swimming.

Are there holding tanks on the houseboats?

Yes, all houseboats have holding tanks that are pumped out at the end of every rental and taken to a treatment facility.

How long has Norris Lake Houseboat rentals been in business?

We have been offering luxury houseboat vacations on Norris Lake for over ten years, starting with the inaugural 2005 season.

Does the houseboat have an I-pod plug-in?

Yes, all the houseboats have very nice stereo systems with mp3 player input. Either Wet Sounds or Roswell audio systems.


Do you need a special license to drive a houseboat?

We instruct every captain in the operation of the houseboat before you leave the marina. However, since the houseboats can be tough maneuvering in and out of coves we do recommend having a captain with prior boating experience. Also, you must be 23 years of age to reserve a houseboat.

Are there anchors on the houseboats?

Because of the depth of the lake it’s really too impractical to use anchors. We do supply tie up lines that you can use to tie up to the shoreline.

We’re bringing a boat, is there somewhere close to launch it?

Yes, Shanghai Resort offers a convenient launch ramp within the harbor.

Can we pull a ski boat or wave runner behind the houseboat?

Yes, we suggest towing your boat behind your houseboat instead of tying it to the side. We will provide specific instruction on how to do so once you arrive.

How much fuel is on the houseboats?

Anywhere from 180 to 200 gallons of fuel will be onboard the houseboat when you board. This is enough fuel for either a Monday-Friday or Friday-Monday rental.


When is check-in / check-out?

Check-in is available at 3:00pm. The vessel must be outside of Shanghai Resort Marina for escort service by 10:00AM on the last day of rental. If the boat is returned late, a fee of $100.00 will apply, as well as $100.00 per hour until the boat is returned.

If we pick up our houseboat late, say 7 or 8 pm, can we still take our boat out?

Houseboats cannot leave the marina after dusk, so if you show up after dark, you will have to stay until morning at the marina. An additional dock power charge will be added to your invoice.

We would like to come early, what are our options?

Check in is at 3:00 PM. Please call to discuss early check in options as they are complete based on current availability.

We would like to stay an extra day, what are our options?

Check out is by 10:00 AM. Please call to discuss late check out options, as they are complete based on current availability.

Is there a late charge for returning after the scheduled check-out time?

Yes, $100 per hour.

Are on the dock rentals available?

Yes, last minute and early/late season on dock rental deals are available. Please call for details